Quit Binge Eating

What is Binge Eating?

Binge eating or overeating is very common. Binge eating is a disorder where one has moments of compulisive eating. Binge eating is related to emotional eating but is not always caused by emotions.

Binge eating coach

I’ve developed a coaching program to stop binge eating once and for all. The program has 12 sessions that dig deep to find the source of your cravings. Together we can overcome your binge eating in this 12-week e-mail program.


Quit Binge Eating

About the program

The program is specially designed to quit binge eating and together we will try to get to the source of your binge eating disorder. It’s a coaching program so it’s not really therapy for overeating, however by digging deep it may feel like therapy. You will receive a form with questions once a week. You can then answer the questions and e-mail the answers to me. Based on your answers I will give you some additional questions or assignements to dig even deeper on a personal level. During the program you will also work on a plan and learn what to do if you feel a trigger comming up.


Everything you send in will stay between us. I will destroy all your information and forms after you finished the program.



Do you want to quit binge eating once and for all?

I’ve tried so much during my life. Diets like Weight Watchers, The Cambridge Diet (now known as 1 on 1 diet), weight counseling but somehow it never worked or only for a short amount of time. Afer a while I always fell back in my old habits of binge eating or overeating. I never understood why.

Your coaching program has helped me understand where the binge eating came from. It was due to something that happend when I was a little girl. Whenever I felt that same coldness and emptyness as way back when, the urge to binge came up. Understanding where the binge eating came from and working together on a steady plan to overcome the binge eating turned out to do the trick. I don’t need to diet anymore and always have my plan to stick to when life gets rough.

I want everyone to know how great this program is and you are the best coach I could wish for!


My life has completely changed thanks to your coaching-sessions. I’m so happy I desided to change my life forever! Before I felt numb. Eating from boredom, then feeling bad about eating but as I already ate that much it didn’t matter if I ate more. I felt so useless and depressed but I wasn’t ready to call it a binge eating disorder until I couldn’t stop eating. So I read about binge eating on reddit and other places and desided to do something about it.

Already after the first coaching-session I felt motivated and strong. I knew my life had to change. It’s really nice to have someone who coaches you along the way. I now feel healthy, lost quite a lot of weight and even picked up horse rinding again, which was impossible for many years due to my weight.

I feel like I have my life back and can’t thank you enough for that!


This program is simply amazing! After struggling with myself all through high school I now feel confident about myself. It really helped me understand my eating behaviour. I now know what to do when I feel triggered and understand where the trigger to binge eat comes from. Thank you so much!!!


One day I woke up with terrible cravings, like so many times before and realized: I have binge eating disorder and need help. So I looked for ways to quit binge eating and found your website.

All I can say is thank you for helping me changing my life, for I know very well we did this together.


When my wife caught me on the couch with the side table filled with binge food she said: ‘I’ts time to get help for your binge eating disorder.’

Together we searched the net and found this great coaching program. My wife supported me all through the sessions and I’m entirely greatful for her not to judge me and help me see I needed treatment for my binge eating disorder.

The sessions were amazing. Confronting sometimes but it’s good to be hold a mirror from time to time.


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